Always Be There

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Creator: Will Sharps

           & Jimmy Senson

Episode Characeters

Jordon,Noel,Julie,Michael,Nick and vick,and the Blakers T

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Episode History

Jordon tries to join The Blakers the most populest music teenage group in Hollywood.Her friend don't think the Blackers as friends. When Jordon realizes there correct she tries to convince her friend she sorry and sings "I'll Always Be There to show her appolige.

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New Boy Lights, Camera, Action

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New Boy Lights, Camera,Action
Always Be There==

Always Be There is the 2nd episode fin season 2 of Jordon Vs. Hollywood (Which means the 12th episode of the series overall). Jordon (Jazmyn Reason) joins the most talented music group in Hollywood. When she suddenly realizes how bad actting and rude the group is. She then tries to prove to her friends her forgiveness. Jordon in this episode even sings her very own song I'll always be there to prove she'll always be there for her friends.

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