Golden Ticket ShahiraEdit

"Guest starring Shahira. Part of Celebirty Night on Starconnection May 21, 2011"Edit

Golden Ticket Shahira is the fifth episode of season 2 of Jordon Vs. Hollywood. (Which means the 15th episode of the series overall).

Golden Ticket Shahira
Shahira on JVH

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Episode Creator

Will Sharps

Episode Info

About when the gang tries to each get tickets to the Shahira Consert

Episode Characters

Jordon, Noel, Julie, Michael, Nick and Vick, Anthony, Jenna, and guest star Shahira

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The gang wants to go to the Shahira consert but all of them has to get the golden ticket before their consert due date in a Jive candybar. Everyone goes crazy just to get that golden ticket. For example when Noel found one everyone bonerushes her to get the ticket. Therefore, they then must collect all the candybars and open it all at once. the first few people with tickets were Jenna, Michael, Nick and Vick, Noel. Then Anthony got one. Then it was Jordon and Julie to get one until Julie got it and Jordon was left. It was very hard to find one for Jordon. Until they ran out of candybars and when she had alittle money left from buying alot she bought one more. A miracle happened and Jordon found the last ticket just in time and then before you know it. The setting then took place at the consert and Shahira was performing her hit song "My name's Shahira".


It was hard for the characters to get a ticket each. Jenna, Michael, Nick and Vick, and Noel got one first. Then Anthony, when Julie and Jordon were the only ones left to get one it was that Julie got one very quick and instenly. Until they all ran out of Jive chocolate bars. Jordon went to the store to buy one more chocolate bar as she was running out of money. She is normally paid by Anthony but this time Anthony refuses to give her money and she has to by one more candybar with the little money she has. When she buys her last one this time it has the last golden ticket to the Shahira consert. When each character got there ticket it was a bit tricky excpet for Julie. When Jenna got hers she got into a fight. Noel was actually the first one to get it but was attack. Nick and Vick found thiers together and had to scream to get everyone to leave them alone. So it wasn't easy to get the Shahira tickets.

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