"Noel's my best friend"- Edit

Jordon said to Josh in New Boy.

Joel is to say the friendship between Noel and Jordon Preston. ( N/oel - J/ordon = Joel). Noel wasn't mean to Jordon she was just following Julie. So she actullay wanted to be friends with her and as she said "I'm Noel Cookies" when she introduced herself. Noel seems to want to do anything for Jordon.

Season 2Edit

Always Be There

  • Jordon appologizes to Noel and everyone else.
  • Jordon sings a song for her and everyone else to

show she's sorry.

Lights, Camera, Action

  • Noel says "ooh" to when Jordon's video comes on
  • Jordon sits next to her.

Noel's Birthday Party

  • Jordon shows up to her birthday party
  • Jordon corrects Jenna when she pernounce her name correctly.
  • Jordon is waiting for Noel to hug her.
  • Noel hugs Jordon. And says "There you are" to her.

Golden Ticket Shahira

  • Jordon is one of the people to help Noel when she was being attacked
  • Noel affures to give Jordon money when they run out of candy bars and when Jordon had to buy one more. But Noel ends up having none.


There has been trouble with Joel's relationship. When Jordon kissed Josh. She hurted Noel's feelings and when Jordon made her dads upset and making fun of her family.

The relationship between Joel is almost as equal with Nonna and similar to Nulie.

Joel is one of the relationship that has it's ups and downs and inside outs.