Lights, Camera, Action
Quit Taking My Picture Already!

Episode Creator

Keith Michaels

Episode Number


Episode Characters

Jordon, Noel, Julie, Michael, Anthony, Nick and Vick, Jenna, and the Hollywood Update crew.

Episode History

The crew of HollyWood Update guest stars in trying to film a reality tv teenage hollywood students. When the tv show in vaids thier private lives to the whole of Hollywood Jordon and her friends try all they can to stop it.

Lights, Camera, Action ==

Lights, Camera, Action is the 3rd episode of season 2 of Jordon Vs. Hollywood Wiki.( The 13th episode overall). When Anthony Sullivan lets a famous Hollywood tv reality show film them. Until when the Camera group gets out of hand and in vaids their pirvate lives to the whole of Hollywood. Jordon and the gang try all they can to stop it. Guest staring the Hollywood Update crew.

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