Moel is how you say the pairing between Michael Kyle and Noel. (M/ichael and N/oel = Moel). Michael and Noel are good friends. They have been good friends. Michael thinks as Noel being alittle insane, but doesn't mind. And, Julie (Michael's girlfriend) doesn't seemed to mind or really get jealous of them hanging together

Season 2 :Edit

Always Be There

  • Michael and Noel are sitting next to each other at the main table (outside the Sullivan Studios)
  • They both go away when Jordon wants to talk to them.
  • They both ignore Jordon when she wants to say sorry
  • They both are amazed when Jordon quit The Blakers Team.


Lights, Camera, Action

  • They both talk after each other
  • Noel is seen riding in Michael's car after they eat out.
  • When toilet water splashes in her face he panicks like he cares about her drinking that

Noel's Birthday Party

  • He goes to Noel's birthday party
  • Noel hugs him when they all come
  • He was seen with Julie when Jordon asked them if they were having a good time and he said "Yeah".
    XXXVI -sparks fly-

    Noel's b-day

  • When Noel asks everyone to come in the circle he did.
  • Michael bought Noel a birthday gift. As she said "Okay......this one's from Julie.......this one's from Michael".