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Noel's In Love== Noel's in love is the 6th episode of season 2 in Jordon Vs. Hollywood. Which means the 16th episode of the series overall. It was the second one-hour special in the series. Just like in New Boy but will also be alonger proses. Noel is falling in love with someone. And she falls in love with one of the twins Vick. And she doesn't want anyone to know. She asks Jordon to help her to inprise him. By taking Jordon for graunted. Also, Julie wants to audition for a new real life movie.
XXXVI -sparks fly-

Noel in love


  • Noel and Vick kissed for the second time on the series
  • Noel and Vick will soon to start a relationship in the next new episode of the series.
  • Noel's in love with Vick
  • Julie auditions for a real life movie. But, gets turned down because the main role for for a dog.
  • The relationship between Noel and Vick is on Voel.