Rebecca Print
10-40 p.m., on top of her car, waiting for a locksmith - and looking good! (IMG 8368a)


August 5, 1992


Brookside,New Jersey


A capella, Hip-hop, pop, dancer


Singer, Actress, Dancer

Years Active



American (half Native American, half African American, and Dominican Republic - descent

Rebecca Agnes Print Portè (born August 5, 1992) is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She is best known as her current role as Julie Jackson in the Starconnection tv series Jordon Vs. Hollywood. In an interview the star had said that she thinks she's super talented. The star even said that she's great in dancing and singing. "I dance in stuff like at church and at parties and stuff", says Print. Her best friend also co-star Amber Anple (actress of Noel) says that she likes to humm song-like tunes while filming.


Rebecca Print was born in of Brookeside, NJ. She is currently living and has a family in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She is staying with some relatives in her Las, Angeles home. She started in things like the Young Athours: Theatre Arts & Performing Arts for her acting role. When she was young she got inrolled in Dance Studios and was very good at it. So Print then started a career in Dance. She also took lessons and song a lead role in her choir at her church in New Jersey.


Rebecca was first on the show through out the whole of everyone to be on broadway she was in the 13 Musical as Michelle and on a Disney Commercial (Radio Disney to be excat) she was lastly on an episode of It's All Me.


Rebecca is currently on Jordon Vs. Hollywood as her main role Julie Jackson. Who's supposed to be the daughter of Randy Jackson. "I love playing a superstars daughter", says the actress.